Take My “Choose Happiness” Pledge



Click on the picture above and get the free printable PDF sheet to make a pledge to yourself today like I have!

I made this just for you! So when you print it and sign it… before you hang it on your wall or fridge… Snap a selfie with your pledge and Instagram or Tweet it and tag me! (@alifeungrained)

Love yourself and make a promise to yourself to choose happiness- over and over again, between all the shit storms of life that happen day to day!

How can you chose happiness?

  • Eat Healthy, Drink lots of water
  • Dance everyday
  • Sing everyday in the car, the shower or the kitchen! (or where ever you want!)
  • Listen to fun music that you can’t NOT move to.
  • Laugh everyday- read jokes, watch a sitcom, watch a stand up comedian, talk to your people and share laughter.
  • CREATE! draw, doodle, paint, color, scrapbook, take pictures of pretty things you see everyday ( post them to instagram!) whatever you love doing…..do it… just CREATE! AT least every few days!

You can also:

    • Keep a journal and bitch in it when you need to. Write down 3 things you are glad about every day. Write down quotes and motivational shit that helps you remember you are amazing… even if you are in a bad mood. Draw in it, scrapbook in it, make it your smash book. Pour your heart out in it. Write a whole page of the word fuck if you want! Or the word shit with every i having a heart for the dot…whatever you want…put it in your journal. Write a prayer, or a mantra, Just keep a journal.A simple composition book will do. or treat yourself and buy a journal for yourself you’d never ever normally buy yourself! If you don’t want to mess the first page…email me, I’ll make you a hand written note, and send it to you digitally, that you can print off and glue on the first page if necessary!


  • Text, Facebook, call or email your people. ( If you think you don’t have people, you are probably wrong)


  • If you have no people, or want new people…find new people! Join a facebook group with people with similar interests, or a support type group. They are out there!!! Or come find me on twitter and say hello!

Even more you can do to chose happiness in your day…


  • Find an exercise you like and make it a part of your week. not for weight loss. But for the endorphin boost…it helps you feel happier. Chemically proven. “Science Bitch!” It’s awesome! It doesn’t have to be heavy exercise, just walk… or dance! swim, jog, ride a bike, skip, play xbox golf, or any other kinect game you love.

(dancing in your kitchen while making dinner kills two birds with one stone BTW!)


  • Watch youtube videos of cute kittens for 20 minutes!
  • Stop reading and watching the news! it’s fucking depressing! I stopped a few years ago, and restopped in Jan 2016.
  • Unfollow the people on your FB who make you feel guilty, bad, sad, angry ( better yet unfriend them, fuck that shit!)
  • Follow only instagram feeds that make you feel relaxed and inspired to create, or of nice photography of scenery
  • Make an anonymous twitter account no one knows about and just say whatever the fuck is on your mind without fear of judgment!
  • Delete ALL your pinterest boards and start again! (Yes really! It’s amazingly refreshing!)

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