Keto coconut macaroons…

I made 6 of them to reach my macros for supper.

I decided to eat high fii protein foods today to see how I managed them. I had half a poubd if ground beef for lunch abd had no sluggishness…

The macaroons were good..i ate them all. But halfway through I began having an allergic reaction! And I was all like “WTF!? What could be in these. They are JUST coconut and egg and stevia!”

 I grabbed the coconut bag…which is a different coconut than I have been eating (which is smaller pieces)…I wanted a flake coconut for these…and the ingredient list said Coconut and sulfites!!! 
So I Looked  at sulfite sensitivity on the webs…and…every processed food that has ever bothered me in the past is usually preserved with sulfites!! 
So..looks like I just discovered yet another allergy/sensitivity. I had an asthma episode and sinus issues from histamine reaction to the sulfites.
Since I eat mostly fresh real food it should not be an issue…but I will have to make sure any coconut I buy in future doesn’t have sulfites in it!! And wine is likely off the list for occasional events. 

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