My LowFiiZC Protocol. A case for NOT eating all beef as a Carnivore

In this blog post I am going to present to you, the science and reasoning behind a protocol I designed in Feb of 2017, to combat a 2 year fat loss stall while on a ketogenic diet.

I call it the LowFiiZC protocol because as I was developing it, I quickly went over to a carnivore diet. But LowFii can work for anyone from LCHF to Keto, to Carnivore who has deep insulin resistance.

But first, for those of you who happen upon this post without knowledge of who I am, let me give you the background on my health in the last 4 years.

I am 43, 4 foot 11, and at the time of developing my Protocol I was 50% body fat.

In 2013 I was diagnosed type two diabetes. After teetering in pre diabetes range for about 8 years before that, I finally tripped over the line. I was eating for those years the “healthy low fat, healthy whole grains” standard recommended diet trying to avoid the T2d that I am predisposed to genetically.

It didn’t work ( duh! right? I KNOW that NOW) In that time I GAINED weight. Let me be clear I was not indulging in sugar all that much. The thing they tell everyone to avoid if you want to not become diabetic.

In March of 2013 I went on a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet, against my Drs recommendations. In 9 months I lowered my a1c to a point of amazing my doctor, and I lost weight.

March 2013 to September 2013

Then I stalled in my weightloss. I’d lose a pound in 3 months and I’d stall again.
I cut out ALL grains, I cut out most sugar. I was having a treat day once a week in the begining. Then I lowered it to once a month, then down to a few occasional treats through the year.(birthday cake or ice cream or potato chips)

I went on ketogenic diet in early 2015. I found it by accident. One day I googled “why does my sweat smell like cat pee” and found out about ketosis and in turn…the diet. I figured- hey if I am getting down into ketosis on my own without trying, what would happen if i did it on purpose!?

Fast forward to 2016…still stalled and stuck between 184 and 179 pounds. I noted I was unable to stay in ketosis for any length of time, no matter how strict and diligent I got with my macros.

It seemed I was always popping in and out of ketosis ( never did sticks..just went by smell of sweat, and the taste in my mouth, and my mouth being very hot all the time when in ketosis)

Through late 2015 and early 2016 my asthma was getting worse and worse and I had new adult onset allergies to the environement (ragweed and spring pollen) that rendered me useless for weeks and I was starting to notice certain vegetables bothered me when I ate them.My arthritis pain was getting terrible and I had chronic back pain that stopped me from living a normal life.

In December of 2016, I went for allergy tests and it was confirmed I was basically allergic to everything outside, and I was either directly allergic to most of the vegetables I ate on a ketogenic diet ( like the whole cabbage family of vegetables) or was having serious cross reactions to foods related to the trees, grasses and ragweeds I am allergic to.

Cutting out all the allergins took me down to a very small number of vegetable and fruits I could eat but I didn’t care…I was hopeful that now knowing what was going on, I’d start to see the scale fall downward again.

I lost about 5 pounds through December 2016 into Jan 2017. Which was mostly water or inflammation weight, an though my asthma went almost totally away from no veggies i was allergic to…I wasn’t seeing the scale move.

I also noted that when I ate beef I would literally pass out afterwards from what felt like a carb crash.

Bound and determined to NOT have a stall for another 2 years I started to research what else could be going on.

That was when I researched and studied and developed the LowFiiZC Protocol.

How LowFiiZC came to be…

First, I noted that even though all the allergens were cut out, I STILL could not stay in ketosis through a whole day.

-I noted that my dinner meal of “heavy” protein ( beef, chicken, ham, pork) and a small salad made of what veg I could still eat ( lettuce, spinach, water chestnuts, shredded cheddar cheese and cut up green beans) was making me fall out of ketosis.

-I noted I would get back into ketosis through the night and would wake up with the usual signs and ketone taste in my mouth. But by bedtime each day I was out of ketosis again.

So, I started searching optimal protein amounts to eat and started trying to tweak it, since I was eating STRICTLY 20g of carb a day only. I made the conclusion it HAD to be the proteins.

I was worried I was eating excess of protein and GNG or Gluconeogenesis was ramping up and switching me back to being glucose fueled.

I understood then, that GNG is a normal function of the body and would only happen in theory if I was over eating protein. It felt like GNG was happening for a very small amount of protein and I could not find any reference for that happening to others in online forums for keto diet.

I reasoned it must be because I am a short woman…so, maybe I need a lot less protein then typically advised?

Maybe I was an outlier on the low end of macro needs?!

Let me tell you: If you have been in the online keto community long enough, you will see that the protein debate is a hot topic on most forums, facebook groups and keto subreddits and even twitter thread that go on for WEEKS.

You end up spending a lot of time trying to figure it out and get frustrated with protein if you are in a stall trying to figure out how to shake things up again.

The fat adapted keto body builder types will adamantly claim to Type Two Diabetics, and still fat keto eaters like I was, that protein in excess is Bullshit, and that GNG DOES NOT happen, and you can’t ever eat too much protein.

They are almost fanatical about it. No, scratch that.. THEY ARE fanatical about it.

I called bullshit… I knew that stance was crap, because it was clearly happening to ME!

Everyone online teaching a keto diet as a coach ( and I use that term loosely for some coaches, as they are just winging it and selling you bullshit supplements and packaged foods neatly marketed as keto) has a different formula and calculator for just how much is optimal grams of protein you should eat on a Keto Diet.

Most of them say it doesn’t matter WHEN you eat it, cause “steak doesn’t turn into cake!” and will claim if you are stalled you are eating too much fat. While that CAN be an issue for some people, it was certainly not my issue.

In a week of trying to figure out this protein issue I would have 4 people tell me I was eating NOT ENOUGH protein, and 3 others tell me I must be eating too much fat if I was not losing my own fat. ( I wasn’t)

It was hellishly frustrating! Especially since I was experiencing it first hand and NO ONE ELSE was talking about it!

Looking for info on GNG and protein amounts in a keto diet, I happened upon Dr Adam Nally on the ketovangelist podcast episode 44

In the episode he was talking about how some of his patients DO in fact have issues with too much protein on Keto, and even he himself struggled. He said everyone’s protein threshold/need was different based on how insulin resistant they were. He said that too much protein all at once would cause GNG and pop you out of ketosis.

I listened to that section of the podcast over and over and in a note book wrote down…”Don’t eat more than 25 g of protein per meal” per Doc Muscles.

(Start podcast at 56:12 time mark to hear the part I took info from.)

Later that same day…since I love podcasts to do housework to, I was back binge listening to 2 keto dudes podcasts and came across one with Dr. Jason Fung from August 7th,2016.

Based on what Adam Nally had said about protein having a hormonal response in the body and you can eat too much…. I was starting to think.. “ is likely insulin is playing a role in protein utilization.” And then BOOM, Jason Fung basically confirmed it for me when I heard him on 2keto dudes podcast talk about a thing called the food insulin index and said that insulin doesn’t just deal with carbs it deal with all macro nutrients…With that…it was consuming my thoughts and I HAD to figure this out! I was on the right warpath to a solution.

I urge you to listen to both of these episodes.

When I heard Dr Fung talk about Food Insulin Index, That led me to look into it because I’d never heard of it before. I’m just a fat chick from Canada, but I learn fast when I want to solve a puzzle. So I poured over everything I could find about Insulin and Insulin resistance, protein and GNG processes and the food Insulin index.

Which led me to Ivor Cummings from Ireland. I devoured everything I could from Ivor by way of videos and tweets and his blog.

Then I found this article:
by someone everyone interested in insulin should read regularly. Marty Kendall Of Optimizing Nutrition.

This article by him, that listed the insulin load by foods ( per 100G) is the foundation to my protocol.

With all this information, and more I’ve not mentioned yet…. It clicked and I got it. It’s the Insulin Stupid! (Thanks Amy!)

So. I use all this information and that list to make my eating protocol and keep all proteins under 20 on the Food Insulin Index on my ketogenic diet.

But how did it become the lowFiiZC and not the LowFiiKeto protocol?

At the same time as I was searching this keto related GNG from protein, and this insulin stuff, I happened upon some crazy dude on twitter who was eating NO VEGETABLES AT ALL! (Jan 2018)

I found him in Ted Naiman’s twitter replies. ( Ted is another unmentioned goldmine of Insulin and nutrition information I researched)

I had been wondering in my mind for weeks if a person could survive with NO VEGETABLES at all, but I had not yet started my deep dive research into an all meat diet, because I was so busy trying to figure out this insulin stuff.

So, I decided to follow this crazy “all meat all the time” guy.I was both fascinated and horrified at the same time. I was half waiting for him to have a poor outcome in his 1st 30 days of an all meat diet…and half wanting to know if I could make zero carb work for me too!

That crazy dude was of course, Dr Shawn Baker. Who has in the last year blown up all over social media advocating a Carnivore Diet.

So, it started as a keto protocol, and Keto people can do it. But it quickly became a Zero Carb protocol through the first months I started it.

I began digging in deep into carnivore diets and as much history and personal stories I could find all over the internet. THERE AREA MANY. The Carnivore Diet didn’t start with Shawn Baker, he is just the guy with the time and drive to loudly advocate it currently, and he is doing an amazing job spreading the word, because the number of carnivores I see on social media has increased 10 fold since his 30 day Carnivore challenge in January 2018.

I always look into things as deeply as I can before I make decisions. So, I wanted to find people who had been carnivore for 3 yrs or 5 plus years, even longer if I could. I found them, they are out there! Advocating and supporting and educating in their corners of the web as well. they are now peers and mentors and my hats are off to them paving the way for this carnivore movement simply by seeking optimal health for themselves.

In December 2016 and Jan 2017 I was already eating a zero carb diet half the week anyway, if cutting out vegetable wouldn’t kill me from lack of some important nutrient, I was game!

Now a year and a half into Carnivore, I am grateful for the info and example and support of some awesome carnivore chicks on Twitter like Kelly Hogan and Dana (@zerocarbhealth) just to name two. ( this is becoming a name dropping post isn’t it? FOLLOW THEM ALL)

Anyway..back to how I went from searching keto protein macros and GNG to developing my Low Fii Zero Carb Diet Protocol.

I knew if now eating very low carb and most days ZC, I basically eliminated big insulin loads by lowering carbohydrate used as fuel. I wondered…“if I’m not eating TOO much fat and not burning my own fat for I not fat adapted?”
I further wrote in my note book :
I do get into ketosis, but I can’t STAY in ketosis….So, if I’m not giving my body carbs, and I’m not burning fat for fuel…where is my energy/fuel coming from?

Well, I rationalized…the answer could only be from one of two places.
1. From fat intake when I WAS in ketosis, and fat fueled. And 2. beyond fat… when I was not in ketosis…my energy HAD to be coming from protein through GNG.

I wondered: was I just different? Am I a duel energy fueled organism? This surely could not be a NATURAL state for some people, so easily switching back and forth between glucose fed and fat fed for energy with the absence off all eaten glucose.

I was still confused… as GNG production should not make me pass out when I ate beef and I was. Also known as the “Meat Coma” it felt like carb crashes I had when I was first t2d and ate too many carbs at a meal and my blood glucose spiked up to 15 mmol and I had to take a nap.

But my blood glucose was showing minimal spikes now no matter if I was fasted, post exercise or post meal. It was always between 5.5 to 8 mmol all the time….so if it was not BG…it had to be an insulin spike I couldn’t measure by test myself. I had to go by the feeling, and the crash, and that it felt the same as a carb crash.

If insulin was spiking this much to make me pass out after beef…then I had to be seriously Insulin Resistant!!

My doctors were of no help, because my BG was stable, so they were happy, and they saw no need for an insulin test they could not justify on the Canadian Health Care dime and I couldn’t afford to pay for the test myself.

So, I decided I had to figure out how much beef I COULD eat without crashing.
With a little self experimentation for a week I concluded:

1. I was eating too much “heavy” protein in one sitting and it was spiking insulin and causing the crash. My top line for heavy proteins in one sitting was only 24 grams without passing out

2.This excess protein above 24 grams per sitting was likely causing GNG and/or causing an insulin spike so large it was what was knocking me out of ketosis daily.

Hey I’m no scientist, bio chemist or engineer, but I could feel it happening. I literally was keto cycling daily after evening meals.

I also wondered why I didn’t crash when I ate fish, or eggs over 24 grams in protein…it was always my evening meals that caused this issue…so I went back to the FII (food insulin index) info and found a list of fii values and checked out the Fii for all the proteins I eat.

Fish and eggs were all in the Teens for a FII value, and all animal flesh (meat) was over 20. Eggs were 10.

With this new knowledge….and knowing that high insulin prevents fat loss and actually helps STORE fat…I concluded that how/when and what I was eating for protein was what was preventing bodyfat loss.

It HAD to be protein, it was my basic ONLY source of glucose via mouth ( through GNG).

I decided to throw worrying about staying in ketosis out the window, and not listen to ANYONE on protein amounts and find out for myself while I focused on how insulin behaved when I ate protein only.

After a week of noting that I could not eat more than 24 grams of protein from beef in one sitting without passing out…this led me to wonder what would happen if I ate a zero carb diet of low Fii protein only for a month to try and lower the level of IR and hopefully back it down enough to eventually stop passing out when I ate a piece of beef bigger than the size of my big toe!

( I want to note that while I was testing out my protocol in early 2018, I had the opportunity to watch Dr Ted Naiman’s live talk at Lowcarb Brek 2017 on Insulin resistance via video in real time. You should watch it.
I also fell upon a Canadian PhD guy by the name of Ben Bikman who was sharing info via twitter about insulin as well. @benbikmanphd follow him. )

Yes I know, This is scattered and long winded, but stay with me !

For that month trial of LowFiiZC in feb of 2017 I ate eggs and fish every day because they are under 20 on the index.I kept beef to only 2 or 3 times a week for one meal on those days. I kept the beef amount to less than about 24 grams of protein. I ate 3 and sometimes 4 times a day in small amounts of LowFii proteins ( to hunger ques) to keep insulin drive more steady and lower. I drank water and club soda.

Below are my blogged notes as I went along. For brevity sake….they are as they were written then.

Inflammation loss in 1 month lowfiizc, 8 pounds down.


low fii results from 1 month plus ..March 2017

After this last month of lowfiizc and losing weight (8 pounds) inflammation is way down….I went mainly Beef and pork and chicken and hard cheese again. I was just happy that I was no longer passing out from even 80g of high fii protein now!

But a month into high fii ZC again, I have gained the weight back and my fat % went back up, plus a bit of muscle % as spring came on and I started doing more activity outside for yard work etc.

I was frustrated that fat was still sticking around. I’ve tried some timing on foods and even with Intermittent fasting of many variations of 18/6 , one meal a day after 23 to 26 hours fasted, I have had NO fat loss. I HAVE GAINED!

I’ve started reading ZC forums and online support groups in earnest, and I follow many ZCers on twitter…They keep saying “just eat beef, have faith” So, I keep eating beef and trying to figure it out…but it wasn’t working for me!

The mantra of all these beef ZCers to new ZCers who see weight gain or no fat loss at all for months and months is that “the body is healing from years of poor nutrition and health ailments and repairing organs and muscle tissue..just give it time…drink water, eat beef and trust the process”

Well, I am a person who has a faith… but I like science.

Trust is nice for stuff you can’t prove or see in faith…you can trust and be comforted by your faith. But, its has no place for me in science…and this lack of fat loss for so long has a scientific/biological reason and therefore…has a solution! I refuse to wait..”

I like to know why stuff works and how it works… within understanding that, if you dig deep enough, you can find a solution to the thing that is not working.

I do not believe that our bodies operate in a linear fashion this way that beef ZCers kept telling me- and basic biochemistry and science says it is not the case.

If we can burn fat and build muscle at the same time with healthy eating and exercise…how can we NOT burn fat and repair internal damage at the same time? It makes no sense to me.

If our body was a machine that was SO linear, we would not be able to breathe and do complex math at the same time, or ride a bike and talk at the same time!

So many systems in the human body operate together and in conjunction with each other, all at once for us to just BE the humans we are and do all we can do.

So… I refuse to believe we just need to eat beef and wait out the healing process before our body then says, “OK…all Healed finally! NOW lets burn off this excess fat shall we?! ”

I’m not knocking all beef ZC, or the proponents of it. They are a smart bunch of people. ZeroCarb/Carnivore works and is a healthy way of eating. Dare I say: the most optimal way of fueling a body.

It works…clearly…if you follow ZIOH Fb group and read the stories of people like Kelly Hogan, you can see that.

But it is clear with the vast number of new ZCers who complain they GAIN weight or do not lose weight for a LONG LONG time- that for some people like me, it works SLOW.

The worse you are in metabolic derangement like Insulin resistance…the slower it is. well, I have ADHD. I am impatient and I like as instant a gratification as I can get!

end notes

Your body does not work linear by putting all that protein you eat as a carnivore into healing and fueling for day to day living… and THEN at a much later date decide it is NOW time to burn off the fat.

What you are waiting for is not healing to be finished….that is always ongoing daily. Every day of your life in every cell that makes us up!

What you are waiting for is the slowed down reversal process of IR to reach a point where it doesn’t inhibit fat burning and doesn’t drive fat storage anymore ( because you are eating High FII protein in too large an amount all the time making your insulin resistance stick around longer.)

In my opinion, for people like me with deep Insulin resistance- High Fii ZC greatly slows down or stops fat burning from happening UNTIL the IR is reversed enough that the beef you eat is not spiking your insulin so much per meal.

Your insulin tells the stored fat “NO! stay there, we don’t need you…there is too much going on here NOW, I got GNG to manage! We don’t need the energy for fuel you can give this body, just wait!”

And so, the fat sits there in the cells on your ass and your stomach and it WAITS to be needed.

And as you keep eating high FII protein in faith…waiting- Insulin tries to pack the liver with the excess gng made glucose to store it for later, and the liver then says to your fat cells…“I know you are bored sitting around waiting your turn as fuel, but we STILL can’t let you take over… In, have some of this GNG produced Glucose and pack it up for us for later will ya?! I’m stuffed full of glycogen, and I’m overwhelmed here! We don’t need this much fuel for what we are doing right now!” That’s mom speak, not science speak BTW. I’m writing for lay people here mainly, not people who get all the medical/biochemistry lingo.

Yes, all beef ZC works for people who are athletic like Shawn Baker who has never had any deep issues with metabolic derangement for years, and has always been athletic.
He is not battling IR or unmanageable GNG keeping bodyfat stored while his body uses the glucose he makes up for fuel. His muscles are using that for fuel and the protein for repair for all he does physically.

Carnivores like Shawn are using up that energy daily in heavy intense workouts, with an already low body fat percentage. He can tell when his body needs 3 pounds of rib eye over 5 pounds of ribeye on a heavy lift day. ( estimations as example, I don’t know exactly how much he eats day to day)

But we are not all Shawn Bakers!

When Carnivores chant ” BEEF…JUST EAT BEEF” …from the outside looking in- as a way of eating, it looks more like a dogmatic religion where they never waver from that ideology…kind of like their polar opposites, the Vegans. So much so, it is now becoming an all out internet war. The Carnivore diet has so many health benefits for so many people with so many illnesses it is hard to not see it for what it is. But you have to dig past the hardcore online carnivore warriors posts to see it, like I had to do.

It began looking much like a cult, and these days it currently gets labelled as such by plant eaters who dislike the extreme vocal shift in the LCHF arena. I can’t say I blame them; it scared me off of using the term Carnivore for a while- Even though technically, that is what I am.

I felt like a fraud calling myself a carnivore,sitting over here eating eggs and fish and not the all revered rib eye every day.

While I think ZC/Carnivore is a healthy option for people who are extremely carbohydrate intolerant like myself. And while I agree that we are genetically built as a species to be carnivores above anything else…that stance among some all beef ZCers prevents people who may be interested in carnivore for health today, from trying it at all.

So here I am. All 4 foot 11 of me saying….Beef is NOT the be all and end all of Carnivore. There are lots of us who eat more then just beef. or all High Fii.

When you go carnivore and GAIN FAT or do not lose any fat at all, while everyone you see IS losing weight , and are spouting off “Just have faith, keep going…” It lowers the long term sticking to it for a new person. I’m glad I stuck it out.

In the long run, an all beef carnivore diet slows down success in improving health and fat loss at all for people like me with deep insulin resistance.

My LowFiiZC is a viable protocol for healing faster as well as fat loss, because when your Insulin operates the way it SHOULD, you also heal ailments and undo past dietary damage internally easier.

But… most importantly… I feel the “Just eat beef” mantra cuts off emotional support from new carnivores among the online community like me who should be eating LowFii, while they are taking on a new way of eating that is an outlier way of eating, already.

Carnivores get a lot of flack anyway…but ME, a Low Fii ZCer who is sitting here saying Beef is not the be all and end all of a carnivore way of life for health, gets looked at like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I have been a LowFii Carnivore for a year and a half. When I started and was vocal about it and I got little validation or emotional/community support from many others eating ZC.

Early on, I often had to defend my eggs and fish Low Fii ZC eating, because of the stance that “true” ZC has to be beef and anything else under the ZC umbrella is inferior and therefore I must lack trust in this way of eating.

I am here to provide that support to new Carnivores like me. Because it is needed. I get messaged daily and asked about my protocol. I had decided I was NOT gonna be a blogger, cause well…look at my sentence structure. AND i’m dyslexic to boot. Writing this is NOT my strong area. I had even retired this domain and only from interest from others like me did I decide to re register it and actually PUBLISH this information.

My LowFiiZC protocol would have someone like Shawn Baker eating more than 2 dozen eggs and 2 whole salmons, and more a day to feel satisfied for a days worth of fuel, and to continue his heavy lifting and athletic endeavors.

His ZC all beef protocol has someone like me with IR and 47% percent body fat still, who doesn’t lift a lot or do more than typical house work, yard work, carrying fire wood all winter, and 2 hiit cardio sessions a week- stuck with my body fat not coming off me..and even gaining weight. Which is NOT healthy.

So my main point is this…

Within ZC/ Carnivore…there is room for each individual to find optimal health with carefully chosen, well thought out protein amounts per eat/timing and sources.

Those choices need to be decided individually, based on body fat, fitness level and current metabolic state ( derangement/IR or not)

And THAT…the ONE person who is still reading this LONG winded post… is why I developed the LowFiiZC protocol.

Because ZC/Carnivore should not be a “beef is the answer” diet as a rule. There are many sources of animal protein to be utilized within a Carnivore Diet, beef SHOULD be one of them…but it doesn’t always need to be at EVERY MEAL/EVERY DAY.

Not convinced?

Think about this…

When you look at people on a keto diet who stall and do an egg fast to break the stall- they are switching to the principles of my LowFiiZC protocol without knowing it is, or understanding the science behind it.

Eggs are low fii…and usually when they stop the egg fast… they go back to high fii proteins in beef, chicken, pork and hard cheeses and gain back some weight.

Rather than do a week long gag worthy egg fast every 6 weeks to stop a stall… I propose that the stall is a clear symptom of insulin response being too high.

I propose that people who stall in fat loss on Keto and ZC need to actually consider what their protein sources are. Stick to mostly lowFii proteins and eat minimal High Fii proteins in smaller amounts in their week, to see fat loss happen again.

I propose that people who wish to do a Carnivore diet and have IR or are struggling to lose fat, also consider a predominantly LowFiiZC way of eating for the duration of desired fat loss. Not just eat beef and only beef one or 2 times a day. I propose longer Intermittent fasting periods over 36 hours at least once a week if they are not working out heavy.

Sure the all beef carnivore WOE may work SLOWLY for people who are obese and IR.
Sure It may take years to start losing the weight they desire to lose, as they SLOWLY lower IR on all beef… they WILL eventually see fat loss…if they don’t all together quit before then, out of sheer disappointment of no fat loss at all for so long.

But WHY would you do that when you can eat LowFII and see much faster fat loss and healing at the same time?

If you are IR/t2d…it makes sense to me that smaller amounts of protein per meal to keep insulin from spiking is key for effective fat loss and reversal of IR.

It makes sense to keep protein to your body’s fueling and restorative needs only, and not consume excess to prevent it from from turning to glucose through GNG you are not going to use up day to day.

If you want to be an “all hail the ribeye” carnivore AND you are Insulin resistant, You DEFINITELY need to UP your output of energy daily. Otherwise, you are making insulin have to deal with that new glucose from the gng as an energy source to be utilized before your fat stores start getting tapped for fuel…and staying stalled..OR if it is in great excesses, causing it to be stored as fat for later use.

This blog post has been a YEAR in the writing. I am not a doctor, a nurse , a nutritionist or otherwise. I am a person with skin in this insulin game, and a carnivore who has found the optimal fueling protocol for ME. I urge you to do the research for yourself, and make your own decisions. I just gave you all the experts links you need to get started!

I will detail the Protocol in an easy to follow post sometime soon if there is interest for it. But really….it is not complicated.

Eat eggs, eat fish first. Eat animal muscle with it’s fat ( beef , pork, poultry, lamb, game meat) less often than 4 times a week, and eat it in SMALL portions to keep insulin needs dialed back for Insulin resistance.

BTW regular breakfast bacon is low fii as well.But I don’t eat it every day. I currently am researching the omega balances in pork and am limiting pork at the moment.

Today’s Update:

I have now been eating mostly LowFii ZC for a year and a half

I am down to 45% to 47% body fat and my A1c’s are 5.4 and finally non diabetic range and have been for a year as a LowFii Carnivore. I am finally out of the 170’s I had been stuck in for TWO years.

My progress has been slow. Admittedly due to being more lax in the summers with BBQ season and eating more beef, but EVERYTIME I go back to my LowFiiZC protcol, I see IMMEDIATE fat loss within days and I am keeping it off.

I can eat high fii protein now in GREAT amounts without passing out or feeling physical effects of an insulin spike. But, because I stall every time I eat High Fii proteins, that is a clear indicator to me that Insulin resistance and I are still doing a fine choreographed dance in order to use up this long time stored body fat I still have to lose from my donut days YEARS ago!